Saturday, March 17, 2012

Howard Zinn's Excerpt on Lupe Fiasco's "Introduction"

As a graduate of an International Relations major and a lover of music, I get so excited when the two merge in a moving way.
I love how Lupe Fiasco used an audio excerpt from a speech by historian Howard Zinn in the intro track his latest mixtape, Friend of The People.

So simply beautiful, honest and moving. Thank you Howard Zinn and Lupe Fiasco.


[Howard Zinn]
We have to stop wars, we have to stop this war
And we have to get out the habit of war
It's more than a habit, it's an addiction
We have to get out of thinking that we must be a military superpower

We must get out of thinking that we must have military bases, as we have in a hundred countries
Is it possible that having military bases in a hundred countries arouses a lot of antagonism?
Is it possible that it promotes terrorism when your soldiers and your sailors are all over the world, occupying this country and that? Is it possible?

Why do we have to be a military superpower?
Why can't we be a humanitarian superpower?
Instead of sending planes with bombs
Why don't we send planes with food and medicine?

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